Korea on sale


(Source: Korea Bizwire | Aug. 13, 2015)

In a bid to revitalise the national tourist market and domestic economy, withering in the wake of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak, Korea will go on sale.

Branded the ‘Korea Grand Sale’, the 10 week long promotion will run from August 14 to October 31.

Officials say that the sale will be the largest in scale since the event started.

“We advanced the date of the Grand Sale, which usually took place in winter, out of desperation. We hope the sale can continue to bring tourists back to Korea instead of ending as a one-time event.”

Criticised for offering discounts only to foreigners, officials said they are persuading participating companies to give discounts to local consumers as well.

“Businesses in traditional markets and some convenience stores are showing positive responses towards the idea.”

Benefits such as discounts for transportation and free WiFi modem rental services will be provided. In addition, the Korea Grand Sale Event Center located at Doota Square in Dongdaemun will provide translation services, information about tourism, beverages and special events.

Han Kyung-ah, the executive secretary of the Visit Korea Committee, explained the intentions of the Korea on sale event: “We intend to attract tourists headed to Hong Kong and Japan towards Korea by providing abundant benefits.”

Various promotions introducing Hallyu content and traditional culture will also occur. Further information is available at the Korea Grand Sale official homepage.

Original reporting by M H Lee


Article Link: https://insideretail.asia/2015/08/13/korea-on-sale/