[July 7, 2020] COVID-19’s Pivotal Role in the Retail & E-Commerce Industry


While it’s very unfortunate that it has taken a pandemic for digital payments to scale, the offline-to-online switch has been long in coming. With the ongoing social distancing measures and the desire to limit physical interactions, the pandemic has indeed accelerated the adoption and rise of contactless payments, and have significantly changed online consumer behavior–both a turning point for the payments and e-commerce industry.

Hear from Raymund Villanueva of Paymaya and Amil Azurin of PLDT Enterprise insights on how the global pandemic has solidified and propelled the adoption of digital and contactless payments and insights on the dramatical shifts/changes on the e-commerce journey, online consumer behavior, and how the pandemic will forever transform e-commerce at the 12th installment of the PRA Virtual Learning Series: Thought Leadership Talks with Experts and Business Leaders on July 7, 2020, 2:00PM (PHT).

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