Jollibee Japan opening confirmed


(Source: Inside Retail Philippines | 8 November 2016)

Following a signing ceremony in Japan last month, founder Tony Tan Caktiong of Filipino fast-food franchise Jollibeesays the group may open stores in Japan in 2018.

Attending the Jollibee Japan ceremony were the leaders of Jollibee Foods and egg producer Ise Foods, as well as President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Caktiong says he plans to open the franchise to cater to Filipinos either living or visiting Japan, as well as introduce the meals to the Japanese community. He has partnered with Ise Foods in Japan to ensure the food meets local expectations.

Included in the Jollibee Japan partnership is the setting up of poultry farms in Manila, with the eggs to be used for the hamburger and breakfast meals Jollibee will be serving.


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