iRipple celebrates 21 years of outstanding customer service

Photo from The Manila Times

By Manila Times

iRipple celebrates 21 years of excellent service to the retail industry by making it a mission to bring pandemic-proof technology to more retailers nationwide. The Philippine retail software leader aims to bring such technology to more retailers in line with iRipple’s overall vision of elevating the business sector, using modern software and hardware.

When Victor Javier and Hubert Dy, the founders of iRipple, began the company in 2000, they wanted to help businesses achieve success, complementing them with a Barter point-of-sale (POS) system that was updated with the tech latest advancements.

With this in mind, Barter POS introduces features that can help businesses survive the pandemic. A 2020 survey by the Asian Development Bank reveals that 70.6 percent of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) had to close down due to the pandemic. Those that remain open are able to do so because these already have pandemic-proof solutions, including e-commerce integration and digital payments.

Available even before Covid-19 dominated the headlines, Barter POS’ digitalization features allows its clients to reach customers online, moving products even when stores are temporarily closed. Aside from these revolutionary features, Barter POS comes with excellent customer service.

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