Initiative breathes new life into unwanted clothing

Photo from: Uniqlo FB page

By: Manila Standard

Through its new initiative, global apparel retailer Uniqlo aims to keep valuable resources out of landfills and give unwanted clothing a new lease of life.

The RE.UNIQLO program has given birth to its first offering, Recycled Down Jacket, which is now available in the Philippines. The recycled item incorporates rejuvenated down and feather taken from 620,000 pre-worn jackets collected from customers since September 2019.

In addition, Uniqlo announced a new down product collection campaign in stores across 21 markets.

The Down Recycling Project is the first item under the RE.UNIQLO banner to recycle collected Uniqlo clothes into new items. Recycled Down Jackets originated from the Uniqlo U design team at the Uniqlo Paris R&D Center headed by artistic director Christophe Lemaire.


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