India’s first cashier-free store opens

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(Source: Inside Retail Asia | September 18, 2018)
The first automated, cashier-free store in India–Watasale, has recently opened in Kerala.

The 500-sq-foot store has no staff on sales or cashier duty and customers are not required to scan products or wait in line.

The store’s Artificial Intelligence allows customers to purchase from the store by scanning a QR code and shoppers carrying their smartphones can walk in and out of the store without needing to check out any items for sale.

State-of-the-art sensors and CCTV cameras are all over the store ceiling and shelve to monitor the movements of shoppers within the store. It records what products have been taken and will be charged to the shoppers account. It also knows which you have been put back on the rack.

“Back in 2015, it was a time when machine learning and artificial intelligence was really coming out,” explains the firm’s COO Richu Jose. “We knew any segments can be disrupted using this technology. If you look at the market structure, the retail segment was still following the age-old technologies. We found it as a ripe ground for innovation and disruptive technologies.”


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