Humble Sustainability: Empowering Businesses to make Sustainable Choices – Lets Talk Retail Episode 33

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It needs to be prioritized to ensure that we make the right choices not just for ourselves but also for the planet we live in. This is something Josef Werker, CEO of Humble Sustainability, is passionate about. Besides making a real impact, he also wants to spread awareness and build understanding about how significant it is to carry out a sustainability plan and create a circular economy.
During his interview on Let’s Talk Retail, he said, “If you get the 90% of people that maybe don’t actively try to live sustainably, then you just start with small little steps. It’s okay to be a little bit sustainable, a little bit circular, then it happens as a domino effect.”
He also emphasized the need for people to decide whether they will adopt sustainable practices and align people to make their own decisions about it. “Being able to constantly provide the right information and educate as much as we can, be transparent on what the issues are and show people what are the potential solutions,” he added.
By adopting their chosen sustainable goals: (11) Sustainable cities and communities, (12) Responsible consumption and production, (13) Climate action, Humble Sustainability provides an opportunity for businesses to liquidate their items sustainably and earn more revenue, allowing that purchase to have an impact.
Humble Sustainability proves that by inspiring, equipping, and enabling people, we can create a domino effect that will make a meaningful impact on the whole community and planet.
Find out more about their inspiring story by watching and listening to their Let’s Talk Retail episode, available through PRA’s YouTube channel and Spotify account.