How to have safe online retail therapy

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By: Manila Bulletin

Since the start of the community quarantine, e-commerce websites have gained a new purpose for many Filipinos. With mass closures of business establishments and employment layoffs, these platforms have generated new opportunities for them to keep their families supported.

“E-commerce has made a profound impact on our lives, and especially so this year,” says Martin Yu, associate director of Shopee Philippines. “We are fortunate to be at the forefront of this transformation in our region, and we want to continue creating livelihoods for local sellers and entrepreneurs, ways for people to shop and connect, and new paths to success for businesses.”

This time, these online shopping websites are paving the way for the Filipino tradition of Christmas shopping alive even during this uncertain time. While taking the Yuletide retail therapy online proposes a much accessible, convenient, and safer way to go through your holiday shopping, there are still internet threats consumers need to watch out for. From getting the most out of their purchases to protecting themselves from online scams, here are some of the basics of safe online shopping consumers should take note of.

1.Keep an eye on your target item
2.Use their prime platform
3.Be inquisitive and alert
4.Visit other platforms
5.Use secure and safe payment channel

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