How Retailers are Adapting to Meet the Needs of Returning Customers

Photo from Total Retail

By Total Retail

The retail industry will feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for months to come, but as the percentage of Americans who have received the COVID-19 vaccine increases, signs are pointing to a return to out-of-home spending. The world of traditional retail is on fire, and in order to last, brands must learn to adapt to the changing needs of their returning customers. This often means offering more options to meet customers at their convenience and comfort levels.

With some consumers even feeling online shopping fatigue, customers have a renewed desire to shop in-person, especially when retailers deliver an improved experience than they remember from pre-pandemic days. New retail tactics include touch-free technology, revamped in-store experiences, added convenience and more. Below we share an in-depth look at the ways in which retailers can safely welcome shoppers back into their stores.

Implement Touch-Free Technology
During the pandemic, tons of innovation was born out of the need to reduce touch and stop the spread of germs. Shoppers have largely embraced the new norm as retailers responded with a quick rollout of new technologies. Innovative ways of meeting shoppers’ needs have brought “contactless” and “frictionless” into our vocabulary more than ever before.

Technology, including touch-free payments and contactless delivery, has quickly become mainstream. Many consumers see contactless mobile payments as the safe way to pay, and often use their mobile devices to pay for pickup and delivery orders. Companies that have managed to break the mold quickly and bring new technology into stores are currently ahead of the game.

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