How is the new era of visual merchandising changing the game in 2022?

Photo from Inside Retail Asia

By Inside Retail Asia

Visual Merchandising (VM) is the great showman of retail, the ring-master tasked with capturing the audience and inviting them in. If done right, tickets to the show will be bought and the audience will settle in for the ride.

And just like the greatest show on earth, the spectacle of what goes on behind the scenes to produce these experiences is, at its best, a fine-tuned team of individuals and tools. All working hard to produce quality consumer engagement. Enticing, and delivering an array of touch-points that will keep consumers coming back.

The difference between good and great
Now, more than ever, the purpose of visual merchandisers is more than just their ability to physically implement change within a physical retail store. A good VM will know the brand DNA inside out, know product benefits and functionality back to front, and ultimately understand the consumer and their behaviours. A great visual merchandiser will also have the ability to strategically evaluate and analyse the numbers to improve sales and boost profits.

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