Homegrown tech logistics startup eyes 100 EV deployment in 2023

(c) Mober Facebook Page

By Manila Bulletin

Mober, a homegrown tech-logistics startup, is planning to deploy a total of 100 electric vehicles (EVs) and e-trucks by the end of 2023 and become the largest green logistics company in the Philippines in five years.

Mober CEO and Founder Dennis Ng said in a statement, Friday, Feb. 10 that it has grown its delivery fleet to a total of 20 electric vehicle (EV) and e-trucks to date to sustain efforts of decarbonizing its on-ground delivery by switching to green mobility.

“We aim to catalyze a transition to zero-emissions mid and last-mile delivery in the Philippines. By switching to electric vehicles, Nespresso is set to eliminate hundreds of tons of CO2 emissions yearly, and this is just the beginning for us,” said Ng.

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