Grow your global footprint by localizing your brand – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 30


Growing and expanding your brand into different countries to reach new customers is considered as one of the most delicate but strategic move in any corporations. However, taking your brand into the next level should be well-planned and carefully executed since it is the brand’s reputation that is on the line.

In doing so, you need to have people who can passionately connect with your local consumers and has deep cultural understanding.

On Let’s Talk Retail’s newest episode, Sanjay Roy, General Manager of PUMA Southeast Asia – the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, shared the significance of working with people who knows and understand the local culture to achieve success.

“We are a global / multinational company but success can only be achieved if you have a local staff who understands the market and that can take the global brand home to the local where it matters. You need to be able to touch the local to local people.”

Furthermore, when asked about his thoughts in working with four generations in a multicultural brand, Roy said “you need to have extremely good balance with people who can shoot from the hip and people who are able to sit down and think through a process.”

He also stressed that it is vital to start taking calculated risk and bring innovation in a market, “you need to keep innovating with the format, the product, marketing – that’s critical thing to do if you want to achieve success.”

Catch Sanjay Roy’s eye-opening interview in Let’s Talk Retail’s 30th episode as he provides more insights on keeping a legacy brand like PUMA relevant, the role of technology in businesses, as well as key factors that you need to have to grow your business especially in these challenging times.

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