Leading experts Solange Charas and Zana Busby to deliver opening keynote at the 1st Retail Leaders Summit

(left) Dr. Solange Charas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HCMoneyball, Inc.; (Right) Zana Busby, Founder of Zana.B Psychological Studio

The Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) announced today that HR Metrics Innovator & Distinguished Principal Research Fellow Dr. Solange Charas, and Global Consumer and Business Psychologist Zana Busby will present the second-day keynote addresses at the first-ever Retail Leaders Summit taking place on October 28, 2022 via Zoom.

A trailblazing and visionary leader, Dr. Solange Charas will take the virtual stage to deliver “How Human Capital Management Drives Financial and Market Success”. She is the Founder and CEO of HC Moneyball, an Adjunct Professor, a governance researcher and thought-leader. Dr. Charas’ company helps organizations quantify the material impact of human capital on corporate performance and understand the effectiveness of human capital programs in generating HCROI. She has been published or cited in more than 200 research and practitioner publications including 63 academic citations. Her book, Humanizing Human Capital: Invest in Your People for Optimal Business Returns will be published in September 2022. Dr. Charas will share how to reframe human capital to optimize program effectiveness and ultimately return on investment in human capital and present macro-economic indicators of human capital “health” and present how to quantify the impact human capital has on employees and the sustainable success of the organization, given our challenging economic and labor conditions.

A global top expert on consumer and business psychology, Zana Busby is an international keynote speaker with over two decades of experience in mental health and employee wellbeing. Busby will deliver keynote insights on “Employee wellbeing in 2022 and beyond: Why building an authentic wellbeing culture is critical for organisational success”. She is the founder of ZANA.B psychological studio – an integrative consultancy with human-centred and blended solution approach providing psychological services and coaching to individuals and teams focusing on growth, development, and achievement. Her keynote will unlock powers to drive positive change that will improve the lives in the company’s workforce, and determine organizational success in the post-pandemic world by creating a successful transformational workplace wellbeing strategy.

The Retail Leaders Summit is the most important retail summit event in the Philippines uncovering retail’s best for the next generation’s retail leaders. The virtual summit will feature a stacked agenda on branding & creativity, people & culture transformation, employee engagement, human capital, human-centric workplace, new skillsets, store innovation, technology, etc. to increase retail leaders’ skills & competencies, forge partnerships, and boost offline & online store’s success.

The 1st Retail Leaders Summit is made possible by Premium Partners Maya Business & EPSON Philippines, People Ignite Inc (Knowledge Partner), Retail Technologies, Inc. (Technology Partner) and Program Partner Great Place to Work Philippines.

Interested retailers can register to attend the virtual event at https://forms.gle/12VEZaDnGfmJnuoQA.

More information on the event can be found on the website as well www.retailsummitph.com.

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