GCQ rules for malls, shopping centers out

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By: Philstar

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has issued guidelines for malls and shopping centers offering non-leisure products and services in areas under general community quarantine.

In a memorandum circular issued on Monday, the DTI said mall and shopping center operators should strictly monitor foot traffic and enforce physical distancing.

The number of people should be limited to one per two square meters at any given time. This means a 200-square-meter space should have a maximum of only 100 people.

The DTI said malls should reduce the number of entry points.

Senior citizens, pregnant women and persons with disabilities (PWDs) are allowed only one companion.

To ensure physical distancing, individuals should be one meter apart. Those taking the escalator should stand on every other step.

Access to elevators in malls would be limited to half of the standard capacity and use by senior citizens, PWDs and pregnant women.

Malls should also assign personnel in high-density areas like comfort rooms and supermarkets to regulate traffic.

Seats available for use by customers will be limited. There should be increased police visibility if there is a need to enforce strict physical distancing.

The DTI said sale and marketing events among other promotions are prohibited.

There will be a centralized pickup location for stores with delivery or pickup service.

Airconditioning temperature should not be more than 26 degrees centigrade and WiFi service should be turned off.


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