Fruitas expanding footprint with new store concept

Photo from: Fruitas FB page


Retailer Fruitas Holdings Inc. is rolling out a new store concept with a footprint bigger than its typical kiosks and functions both as a marketplace for fresh products and a delivery hub.

Fruitas plans to open up 10 of these stores called “Babot’s Farm” outlets in selected locations by August, mostly catering to take-out and delivery businesses.

“Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are opening more stores to fulfill the greater demand for fresh and healthy products. The rollout of Babot’s Farm outlets allows us to combine our top-notch products in one setting and widen our customer reach in their own communities and through delivery,” Fruitas president and chief executive officer Lester Yu said.

In a text message, Yu said the floor area of each Babot’s Farm would range from 10 to 30 square meters.

“This concept is predominantly for take-out but for bigger stores, we have lounges or sofas as we will serve taho desserts and some other healthy desserts,” Yu said.

Babot’s Farm will initially have three major brands in its portfolio, including Fruitas’ fresh coconut juice, Soy & Bean’s fresh soy products line like soy milk, tofu, and taho and fresh dairy and yogurt from Bukidnon Milk Co.

Other Fruitas products like frozen De Original Jamaican Pattie, ready-to-heat SHOU Chinese delicacies, viands from Sabroso Lechon and other Fruitas food brands will also be made available in Babot’s Farm outlets in due course.


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