From Light Bulb Moment To Sustainable Impact – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 33


What is real impact? How will you know if you have made a meaningful impact? These are simple questions and yet overwhelming. The veracity of these questions will make you think if you have done enough or given back enough. But it is a different story for the CEO of Humble Sustainability, Josef Werker.

Josef, who wanted to change people’s lives and do something positive, co-founded Humble Sustainability – a circular economy startup helping businesses with the products they are struggling to sell, and does it “sustainably”.

But that idea was a light bulb moment that came to his co-founder, Nina. They created a circular solution for children’s clothing first and eventually expanded it to electronics, plastics, etc. – eager to find a way to bring everything back to circularity.

When asked about making a real impact, Josef gave a compelling statement and said, “Impact for me is how you can make a difference in something that needs a solution – it could be a lot of different things but creating a proper impact is where you look at all the different social courses and you dedicate your life or even an aspect of it to doing something that helps others or something that needs their help.”

He added, “Impact is trying to level out the playing field and bring some solutions to those issues that need it the most.”

Josef also pointed out that traveling exposes you to different things broadly and becomes an eye-opener. That enlightening experience made him realize that he had to create that meaningful change, create an impact, or change people’s lives.

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