Forecasting consumer trends for Asia in 2022

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By: Retail In Asia

You probably won’t be surprised to see that themes around the metaverse, crypto, or sustainable living will be among the top consumer trends for 2022. But what about bast fibres, Chinese liquor, or Koji? WGSN generated a list of this year’s key trends in product development, based on pattern analysis by their proprietary trend classification tools and insights from their global network.

From a global perspective, the evolution of trends is largely still affected by the ongoing pandemic. Accompanying institutional regulations, new work arrangements, new tech and cultural norms have created distinct behaviours and mindsets, which can differ across demographic and psychographic cohorts.

Trends only make sense if businesses understand the insights and key drivers behind them. Going beyond the ‘what’ and digging for the ‘why’ is fundamental. Trends are always connected to an identifiable consumer desire, and those desires are attitudinal or behavioural responses to what’s happening in the macro context. Here’s what you can expect in 2022.


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