Filipinos still prefer in-store shopping over online sites


(Source: Business Mirror | October 3, 2018)

Filipino consumers still prefer shopping in physical stores over online platforms, according to a study by digital research and consulting firm, Research and Tech Lab (RTL).

From a study on online shoppers from July-September, RTL found out that 68.61% of Filipinos still favor traditional shopping.

“The data revealed that although shoppers are drawn to the appeal of purchasing online for reasons such as no checkout queues, 24/7 access to stores, and available reviews for products, many are still wary of site legitimacy,” RTL said in a statement.

Filipino shoppers also prefer inspecting the products themselves before making a purchase, while others factored in the cost of shipping and the length of delivery time.

The research firm’s study also revealed that majority of shoppers who use both online and traditional platforms are aged 18 to 31 years. While preferring to see the products for themselves, shoppers were found to be searching for products online before buying them in physical stores.

The research firm also saw mixed sentiments for food delivery apps such as Honest Bee and Food Panda, where customers lauded promotions and discounts, a wide range of restaurant selections, and fast delivery. Meanwhile, complaints ranged from poor customer service, cancelled orders, to orders that were already paid for but were not received.


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