Fashioning the retail Omnichannel experience according to Penshoppe Group

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By Business Mirror

As consumer shopping behaviors changed to adjust to the pandemic, Philippine retail brands who went online had the chance to learn what customers have come to expect from them.

What’s next for retail now that digital and ecommerce are essential for many businesses?

A possible future for many brands is omnichannel, the theme of Truelogic DX’s ninth live webinar on digital transformation, which was held last July 29.

To discuss this, Truelogic invited as guest speaker Bryan Liu, Ecommerce and Business Transformation Director of the Penshoppe Group (Golden ABC, Inc. or GABC), to discuss how his company was affected by the pandemic – and why they’ve chosen omnichannel technology and practices as their cornerstone strategy moving forward.

Liu oversees the Penshoppe Group’s IT division and end-to-end value chain of their ecommerce business. He is also currently involved in its efforts to create “true, seamless omnichannel experiences” for the Group, which operates over a thousand fully owned brick and mortar stores across six brands: Penshoppe, Oxygen, Memo, ForMe, Regatta, and Bocu.

Liu holds a Commerce degree with an extended major in Marketing from the University of Sydney and has built career expertise in social media, digital strategy, and ecommerce.

Accelerated Digitization: The Groundwork for Omnichannel

Ahead of the pandemic, and well before omnichannel became a buzzword, Penshoppe had observed that its customers were evolving through social media.

Penshoppe needed to have a digital presence. “Okay, you’re not on social media, that’s fine, you’d say back then. But you say that today, and you don’t exist,” Liu said.

In their travels abroad, the Liu family, owners of Penshoppe, had also noticed the convenience of ordering online and picking up in-store or getting personal delivery. The Penshoppe Group also looked to learn from successful omnichannel players, like the Inditex Group (Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti), Target, Amazon and pure online businesses like

The Penshoppe Group had something of a head start in terms of its online ecommerce and digital journey. So when the pandemic hit, focusing on its online business wasn’t as difficult as starting from the ground up, says Liu.

“It did accelerate and reprioritize a lot of the things we had to do,” said Liu, who remembers several Penshoppe employees trooping home with their computers on the eve of the lockdown in 2020, and having to close all their stores to comply with government directives.

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