Euromonitor releases new whitepaper on top retailing companies in Asia Pacific

Photo from: Euromonitor

By: Euromonitor

The retailing landscape in Asia Pacific is more challenging than ever, and the major market chains must adapt quickly to changes to remain relevant, according to the latest whitepaper released by Euromonitor titled Top 100 Retailers in Asia 2019.

The leading strategic market research provider said that consumers’ attitudes to shopping in the region are being impacted by four major transformations: urbanization, more single households, ageing and increasing wealth.

As part of annual retailing industry’s research, the Euromonitor’s Top 100 Retailers in Asia 2019 whitepaper highlights top 100 Retailers in Asia Pacific by Revenue.

The paper recognized key retailing channels in Asia Pacific including: grocery retailers, non-grocery specialists, mixed retailers and non-store retailing. For each channel, Euromonitor analyzed the current landscapes, growth drivers, innovations and key players’ strategies to win in the areas they are playing.
The whitepaper also dedicated a closer look into regional spotlight: Southeast Asia as the region is often quoted as one of the world’s fastest growing regions, yet each country’s cultural and economic diversity makes it challenging for retailers to thrive.

According to Euromonitor, two key trends have emerged in the region – consumers’ increased appetite for convenience and the rise of digital commerce.

The whitepaper also provided retailing landscapes, identified key local trends and top retailers in 12 countries across the region.


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