Etaily recognized by Euromonitor as a global Megatrend company

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By: Manila Bulletin

The Euromonitor’s recent Megatrends Report recognized Manila-based ecommerce enabler Etaily as among the Philippine companies that are shaping the top eight global Megatrends that indicate major shifts in consumer values and behavior. Euromonitor is a trusted information resource in the international business community and provides every year a summary and insights of these pivotal trends and how they manifest and make an impact in various countries.

The 2021 edition of the Euromonitor Megatrends Report cited, in particular, Etaily as a solutions provider that is uniquely positioned to help Filipino retailers achieve their full digital potential even—or especially—during the pandemic. According to the report, “Etaily’s expansion is expected to drive the growth and development of e-Commerce among local businesses, giving them the chance to create an omnichannel experience and expand their customer base in the face of growing competition from international e-commerce giants.”

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