Employee-first culture for business growth – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 26


Some companies may think that the BEST business move they did was a merger or having both an offline and online presence to adapt with the unprecedented changes, but it is not the case with Giordano Middle East CEO and Managing Director, Ishwar Chugani.

Ishwar, hailed as one of the most powerful retail leaders and icon by RetailMe Awards in the Middle East, believes in the power of having a people-centric organization. He is firm to the idea that empowering employees and allowing them to be part of the growth process of your company is an advantage to achieve success in business.

“The key to survival in any business is not assets, not funds, not systems, not processes. It’s people and their attitude. Because if you can create that mindset and keep your people positive, I always believe that its people put you to where you are,” he said.

“It’s all about simplicity and people. Your people are not just employees, they should be part of the overall business. The best decision comes from the bottom up from the top down,” he added.

On Let’s Talk Retail’s first-ever global pinoy episode, Ishwar Chugani will also be sharing how he started his journey in Giordano, how online and offline retailing should go hand-in-hand, lessons learned from the Giordano group, his team and when the pandemic started, his experience working with multiracial and multigenerational individuals, and the significance of putting your people first.

Ishwar, who grew up in the Philippines and moved to Dubai to go on an adventure right after his graduation, is an epitome of a global pinoy who took a chance to learn outside of his comfort zone and managed to build a legacy brand from ground up with the help of his people – truly a Pinoy pride.

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