Discover 4 big ideas in PRA’s learning and leadership programs

Retail Leadership Academy

By: Philippine Retailers Association

The Philippine Retailers Association’s (PRA) live and face-to-face learning and leadership programs are coming back this year, through the Retail Leadership Academy, which will bring the retail industry full of fresh insights and lessons on building a new business model and putting customer success at the forefront of retailers’ operational and creative efforts.

As the national pulse and voice for retail, PRA is the only organization that is able to bring the retail community together as it focuses on new topics geared towards harnessing the ability of the retail workforce and helping them to upgrade to the new levels of retail.

Thru the Retail Leadership Academy, PRA will be sharing solid transformations and highlight purposeful topics from the industry’s leading experts. Expect more upbeat and dynamic topics and presentations from PRA’s roster of professional and skilled speakers and thought leaders that will truly engage more participation from retailers.

PRA’s goal is to provide a broad range of opportunities to collaborate, learn, network, and grow professionally through the association’s advocacy events such as meetings, seminars, and workshops led by experts and partners who offer strategies and tools to maximize their success in the retail community. PRA’s events and programs offer the retail industry lifelong learning, opportunities to embrace disruption, advocate innovative ideas, and develop skills & competencies.

Here’s more of what you can look forward to at PRA’s Retail Leadership Academy:

Purposeful retail experience

Thru the Retail Excellence Seminar Series, PRA carefully picks the right topics that will definitely bring retailers an opportunity to take their business to the next level. In partnership with relevant Associate members and trainers, the PRA conducts seminars on customer experience, store operations, retail security, branding, digital technology, merchandising, etc.

Purposeful resiliency

The Regional Roadshow Seminar’s objective is to help provincial retailers become more competitive by giving them equal access to these programs. The series helps provincial retailers become more up-to-date on trends and best practices that shape the global retail system. PRA conducts seminars such as store operations, customer experience, loss prevention, business leadership competencies, etc.

Purposeful opportunities to grow

The Retail Master Class is an intensive two-day seminar geared towards senior and middle managers that aims to upgrade global skills and competencies of retailers and designed to build the standard advanced skills and competencies training to uplift standard quality of work in the retail industry.

Purposeful changemaker

The Retail Executive Circle Breakfast Roundtable, “The Country’s Premier Community for Top Retail Executives and Leaders”, is a high level exclusive, by-invitation-only community of leaders gathering. It gives attendees an unparalleled view about winning strategies, retail transformation and new ways to connect with consumers.

There’s still nothing quite as tangible as the in-person events by discovering your purpose and maximizing your potential. The changing landscape of retail can provide the perfect setting to re-examine, recalibrate and reframe ideas thru these programs. Retail professionals and business leaders who are committed to developing their management skills, optimizing team performance, and leveling-up the foundation of leadership, can start your next chapter by joining in the PRA learning programs to help advance yourself and your team.

We look forward to welcoming you to PRA’s Learning and Leadership Programs. For more inquiries about PRA events and partnerships, email PRA Executive Secretariat at and