Despite growth in e-commerce, physical retail stores are gaining popularity again

Photo from Canva

By Techwire Asia

Physical retail stores experienced some of the biggest losses during the pandemic over the last two years. While most of these stores were able to survive the pandemic by adopting e-commerce business strategies, some brands just could not cope with the losses.

In fact, most retail stores leveraged digital sales to remain profitable during the pandemic. Many partnered with e-commerce platforms to move their sales online while some brands even designed their own online shopping platforms and improved their websites to cater to the growing demand for online sales.

The last two years have been indeed challenging for these retail brands with some deciding to move their businesses completely online as well. These did not only include services but products like clothing and electronics as well.

Interestingly though, as the pandemic eased off and restrictions on movements began easing off, consumers began returning to physical stores again. In Southeast Asia, most shopping malls that were almost deserted during lockdowns soon became alive with crowds making their way to their favorite retail stores.

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