Demand for healthy food rises in Australian market


(Business Mirror | January 19, 2019)

The number of Australians who are buying healthy food, particularly fresh fruit, is increasing based on the report of Euromonitor Digest.

“The rising demand for healthy food that can be consumed on the go is among the major contemporary trends in the Australian food industry. Fruit is particularly well suited to this demand trend and many types of fruit are portable, easy to eat and very nutritious,” the Euromonitor Digest said.

Apples are becoming increasingly popular as snacks as well as bananas. Avocadoes, claiming “superfood” status have also increased demand.

Further, the report said the growth of café culture has also spurred demand for avocado on toast, a particularly popular healthy brunch option.

It noted that encouraging consumers to increase their fruit intake will be the key to driving sales growth.

“The improving domestic supply will allow for more affordable prices which, in turn, will drive further increases in demand,” it said.


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