Customers at the heart of every business – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 32


Building a customer-centric business truly brings success in every retail organization. Whatever challenge a business may encounter, if it focuses and take into heart every customer’s satisfaction, it will surely stand, thrive and flourish in the years ahead.

That is how Shoppers Stop, an icon of retailing and the first department store format in India was built in 1991. Their employee title actually starts as “customer care associate” followed by their actual designation which serves as a reminder to each one of them why they are there – to serve the customers. It is also a philosophy that was instilled by their Founder and Chairman B.S Nagesh.

On Let’s Talk Retail’s newest episode, Shoppers Stop Customer Care Associate, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Venu Nair will expound how imperative to serve the changing needs of the customers and how your businesses can be an exciting place for them to come back to.

“It’s about knowing your customers better, making sure that we are serving the customer every single day,” Venu said.

The 32nd episode of the change catalyst awardee by the PCAAE will also highlight how businesses can harness and better leverage big data when it comes to serving customers. It will also touch on how brick and mortar stores go hand-in-hand with technology in providing an excellent customer experience.

“Most journeys today start digitally but one doesn’t replace the other,” Venu expressed.

Don’t miss the new episode of Let’s Talk Retail featuring Shoppers Stop Venu Nair, available for streaming through PRA’s YouTube channel and Spotify account on February 22 – 1:30 pm.