Cubao’s Araneta Center now a tourism district

Photo from: Araneta Center FB page

(Source: GMA News Online | April 3, 2019 3:41pm)

The Araneta Center in Cubao, also known as the Cubao Growth Center, is now one of the city’s tourism districts.

Quezon City (QC) Mayor Herbert Bautista has just recognized the district through Ordinance 2796-2018 Araneta Center’s six decades of operations, offering breakthrough transformation, building shopping malls in one destination and pioneering in both commercial center operations and in hosting of historic events.

The ordinance, introduced by Councilor and Committee on Culture and Heritage chairperson Kate Abigael Coseteng, said, “Cubao also introduced the central bus station concept in the country with buses that reach as far south as Davao.”

Cubao’s old and new institutions such as the Farmers’ Market, the Kia Theater, (formerly the New Frontier Theatre), Novotel Manila, Sining Saysay: Philippine History in Art, Cubao X and the Smart Araneta Coliseum, among others were highly mentioned.

Now that Cubao is a tourism district, it is expected to undertake massive promotion and marketing campaigns of different significant events and activities such as concerts, media launches, food and book fairs, art competitions, cultural shows, sporting events and other activities through advertisements in partnership with the Quezon City Tourism Department (QCTD), according to the Quezon City Hall Office’s statement.

On the other hand, QC Tourism District will be holding educational guided tours of Araneta Center, Cubao for visitors and guests while Araneta Center, Inc. is set to provide a location for the Visitor Information Center and Souvenir Shop.

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