Celebrating timeless pieces and moments with Blims

Sam Frederick Lim, Blims Lifestyle Group president; Katherine Samantha Lim, BLG vice president for merchandising; and Sam Gregory Lim, BLG vice president for marketing (philstar

(Source: Philstar.com | October 7, 2017)

Because furniture is not something you change every year,” says Katrina Samantha Lim, Blims Lifestyle Group (BLG) vice-president for merchandising. “You buy something timeless, and then you accessorize. You will not buy a millennial pink sofa, for example, but you will buy a taupe sofa, and accessorize with a millennial pink throw pillow.”

The Blims showroom, the first and largest one-stop furniture shopping center, features collections that are functional and thematic. With an improved showroom layout designed to elevate the customer shopping experience, style vignettes feature a wide range: from Scandinavian Design, which is all about form and function, to Modern American as well as Midcentury Modern that features a more industrial type of design.

“The French Country Chic is our new collection from France, from Nantes near Bordeaux,” Katrina shares.

There is the Urban Living area, which features products from Korea such as shelves that you can use as dividers or place against the wall. The Condo Collection features compact, modular as well as multi-functional pieces, ideal for the limited space that condo dwellers must live with.

The Sofabed Hub moves beyond the typical bi-fold sofa bed and showcases a one-pull mechanism that’s both convenient and functional. Blims is the exclusive distributor of La-Z-Boy in the Philippines, and has won an award as the fastest growing market in Asia.

The Leather Gallery features sofas that use top grain corrected leather that ensure quality, durability as well as easy maintenance. They also carry half-leather sofas that’s upholstered with a combination of leather and another material such as PVC for the bottom and back of the sofa, which makes it more affordable.

“We want to give you furniture that you will actually sit on and use,” says Sam Gregory “Greg” Lim, BLG vice president for marketing.

“As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we are transitioning the image of our brand from just selling our products. We want that when you go in our showroom, you can imagine that furniture piece in your place.”

The campaign tag is “Moments with Blims.” “We talk about moments,” Greg explains. “When you see our dining table, we want you to imagine a meal that is best enjoyed with your family. Or when you see our sofa, we want you to imagine sitting with friends, having a good laugh, sharing stories.”

The concept is carried over in the showroom, where you see signs in strategic places that say, “‘sharing meals with good conversation’ or on a coffee table next to a sofa, “‘family moments most enjoyed here’,” Greg says.

“At Blims, our product is more than just furniture. What we offer is also personalized service,” Greg adds. “Just bring your floor plan and we will help you layout your space.”

They have a Mattress Gallery where you are encouraged to actually sleep on the mattress for at least 15 minutes before you decide on which one to buy. “The room has dim lighting and very cold air-conditioning. Our sales associate will set up the bed and provide you with fresh sheets,” Greg says.

For October, four featured brands of mattresses at Blims will be on sale at less P8,888 of its regular price.

“It’s our way of giving back to our customers who have been shopping with us for 40 years,” shares Katrina.

“As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we want people to re-discover who we are,” adds Greg.

“As a company, we focus on quality products,” says Sam Frederick Lim, president of the Blims Lifestyle Group.

“We continue to grow every year. Looking beyond our first 40 years, we see the future is very bright for us.”


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