Celebrate your Accidental Retail Career with Ron Thurston, Best Selling Author of RETAIL PRIDE – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 15


Do you have a clear vision on what would be your career in the future but it suddenly changes as experiences and time passes by?

Best selling author Ron Thurston knew what he wanted to do from the very beginning but as he immersed himself in a fast-paced industry, he began to love his accidental career in retail and the entrepreneurial spirit that comes with it.

On Let’s Talk Retail’s newest episode, Ron Thurston shared his accidental retail career journey, the importance of trying to achieve your full potential to grow your retail career and the significance of taking PRIDE in what you do. “This accidental career and part of putting pride back into our industry, back into retail is saying, it’s actually not an accident, it’s quite intentional about choosing this as a career and look at all the options that are available to you.” Ron said.

Let us look through Ron’s lens as he unpacks and shares with us what inspired him to write his now best selling book RETAIL PRIDE and what really is like to work in a dynamic sector.

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