Business fundamentals from the food retail industry perspective on Lets Talk Retail’s newest episode


Basics – a very simple word yet a significant ingredient to achieve success especially in business. It is essentially where you begin and what you revisit whenever you are faced with challenges. So the question is, what are the business fundamentals one needs to have to surpass such situations and hurdles?

Let us find out in this most exciting episode of Let’s Talk Retail featuring the newly minted group COO of Kuya J’s Food Group, Roy Quejada. Roy will be sharing his key learnings working in the food industry and how it helped him lead the companies he has worked with to pass through a successful path.

In his exclusive interview, Roy confidently elaborates that having a framework is a must in business. He also highlighted the significance of knowing your people and creating a system that everyone will follow, “Having a framework and at the same time knowing what works with your people is important — Is it a skills issue? Is there training that needs to be done? Is it an alignment issue or structural issue? You must know what’s going on with your people which is the FOUNDATION of any businesses. Once you are able to stabilize it, you must create systems that your team needs to follow.”

On the other hand, Roy also emphasized the four (4) key traits a leader must possess to successfully lead a management team, and these are the following: drive to train people, communication, and collaboration, finding time to build themselves and most importantly, continuous development.

Join us on November 11 to watch the premiere of the 3rd season of Let’s Talk Retail. Head now to PRA’s Youtube Channel to subscribe.