Be the leader you would want to follow – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 23


A leader is someone who gets things done. Someone who provides guidance and effectively leads the team to achieve the company’s goals.

On Let’s Talk Retail’s newest episode, Margot Torres, Managing Director of McDonalds Philippines will share her experience on how she was able to successfully navigate and take on the leadership role in one of the country’s biggest fast food chains.

Margot said that “the most basic function of a leader is to serve. You cannot serve your employees well if you have no empathy or understanding of others.”

Furthermore, she explained the importance of having an alignment between your personal values as a leader and company’s values to successfully achieve the set goals of the organization.

Margot cites “malasakit” as one of the significant traits a leader should possess because while it makes you vulnerable, it also builds a deeper connection with people. Additionally, it is imperative to remind people who they are as a brand, every decision considerably affects everyone in the company, how it will define who they are and their reputation not just as a brand or a company but also as a leader themselves.

Most importantly, she stressed that “self-awareness” is imperative regardless of your role or your position because it keeps you humble.

Catch Let’s Talk Retail’s two-part year ender episode on December 12 and 15 respectively featuring Margot Torres, Managing Director of McDonalds Philippines to know more on how you can be the leader you would want to follow. Also, know exclusive insights on how McDonalds Philippines took the first step towards digital and lessons learned as we continuously adapt to the new normal brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first part will premiere on December 12 at 10 am while the second part will be released on December 15 at 10 am. Both episodes will be exclusively available on PRA’s YouTube Channel. Subscribe now and hit the bell button to watch it FIRST!