Baby boom and bleach: trends that will shape Filipino consumer behavior in 2021

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By: BusinesWorld

Baby products and bleach are likely to be in demand this year, according to data analytics firm Kantar, which identified shopping trends for 2021. 

The demand for bleach grew 8% year to date in August 2020 versus 2019, while rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers saw a combined growth of 93% in the same time period. According to Kantar, these disinfectants will remain “highly relevant” to Filipino households over the pandemic.

Meanwhile, an expected baby boom presents opportunities in the baby categories. 

“The world continues to experience volatility and uncertainty due to the health crisis, and it is

therefore, difficult to predict Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) expenditures,” said Marie-Anne Lezoraine, general manager of the Worldpanel Division of Kantar Philippines. “The nature of our quarantine restrictions and our confidence in enjoying any mobility drastically changes our behavior as consumers and shoppers.”


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