Araneta City Is Home to Some Pretty Peculiar Plants


By: Esquire Magazine

On its best days, Araneta City in Cubao sees thousands of people walk in and around for business, leisure, or maybe a little of both. In between those trips to the local buildings, stores, and restaurants, lush greenery adorns the sidewalks and open spaces that usher visitors in.

Chances are most of us don’t pay any attention to the flora around. We all have somewhere else to be and those plants are, well, plants we just pass. But look more closely and you’ll realize that these landscaped gardens are integral to Araneta City’s character. It provides the public a breather from all the monotones that engulf the bustling city center.

Interestingly, Araneta City is home to a diverse set of plant species—more than 200 of them—according to Araneta Group’s Center maintenance team and resident arborist Jimmy Tan. Some of these plants are so rare that they can be hard to come by anywhere else in the country but have nevertheless thrived in the complex’s ecosystem.


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