Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for privacy bill with right to delete data


(Source: ABS-CBN News/AFP | January 18, 2019)

Apple chief executive Tim Cook appealed to US lawmakers to pass privacy legislation that would allow consumers to see and delete their harvested online personal data from a central clearinghouse.

In his writing in Time magazine, Cook suggested this as the US Congress was set to consider tougher enforcement of privacy and data protection for online platforms.

The Apple CEO said any new US legislation should give more power to consumers to know what data is being
gathered and to delete that information “on demand.”

“Meaningful, comprehensive federal privacy legislation should not only aim to put consumers in control of
their data, it should also shine a light on actors trafficking in your data behind the scenes,” Cook wrote.

He said the Federal Trade Commission, the consumer protection regulatory agency, “should establish a data-
broker clearinghouse, requiring all data brokers to register, enabling consumers to track the transactions
that have bundled and sold their data from place to place, and giving users the power to delete their data
on demand, freely, easily and online, once and for all.”

In recent months, Cook has been sharply critical of tech rivals such as Facebook and Google over business
models which are built around collecting and monetizing personal data.

“In 2019, it’s time to stand up for the right to privacy — yours, mine, all of ours,” Cook wrote in Time.

“Technology has the potential to keep changing the world for the better, but it will never achieve that
potential without the full faith and confidence of the people who use it,” he said.


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