AllHome says 2019 income to hit P1B income

Photo from: AllHome FB page

By: Business World

Allhome Corp. is projecting its net income to hit the billion mark in 2019 as it targets to reach 450,000 square meters of selling space by end-2020.

In a statement, the home development retailer said it expects its 2019 earnings to rise on the back of robust sales during the Christmas season.

With regard to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the company may feel its effect as China is a major inventory source for home development companies like AllHome. But should the epidemic last longer, the company is open to tap other countries for its sources.

In case of a prolonged effect of the recent COVID-19 to China, AllHome says they can easily shift to other existing sources like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India and even the United States.


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