Alibaba: 325,000 orders per second highlights e-commerce shift


(Source: ABS-CBN News | September 4, 2018)

Following a record 325,000 orders processed per second in a single day, an official of Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba said Tuesday business had indeed shifted to digital.

The milestone was reached during Alibaba’s Nov. 11, 2017 sale, where the platform also saw 256,000 payments processed per second and 168.2 billion yuan in sales, said Alibaba vice president for e-commerce Jungong Sun.

“Globally this presented the buy anywhere, pay anywhere platform as very significant achievement for Alibaba,” Sun told a forum at the Asian Development Bank.

“I believe in digital economy, Alibaba has entered a digital economy which leads to a lot of changes in e-commerce,” he said.

Sun said Alibaba planned to help up to 10 million small and medium enterprises tap into digital channels by 2036.

“I hope more people will be able to learn more about Ali and if possible work together with Ali. And together we can make a better future,” he said.

Uplifting 10 million SMEs could serve up to 2 billion customers and create 100 million jobs, he said.

“We would like to provide changes in living, studying, working, retail experience to customers to achieve low capitalization and high output for the customers and bring equal opportunities in the world,” he said.


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