Alfamart Philippines targets 400 stores next year


(Source: Inside Retail Philippines | 28 September 2016)

Mini market chain Alfamart Philippines aims to expand its network to 400 stores next year.

After 2017, the company will be doubling the number of its stores every year.

Alfa Group chairman Djoko Santoso says the business climate in the Philippines is good for license processing and land acquisition, encouraging the chain’s expansion strategy.

Along with new stores, Alfamart will also add one distribution point to complement the existing one in Greater Manila.

“We expect to reach break-even point by the middle of 2017, after three and half years of investment,” Santoso said.

The Indonesian-headquartered company plans to have at least 5000 stores in the Philippines within five years of operation.

Alfamart entered the Philippines in 2014, teaming up with local company SM Investments Corporation.


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