A Step-by-Step guide to ensure employees’ workplace health and safety in the upcoming PRA Webinar


The value of investing in health care and creating a positive workplace experience are primer movers to ensure happier, healthier and proactive wellness especially to your employees and front liners. According to (1) World Health Organization (WHO), testing is a critical cornerstone of the COVID-19 response, enabling countries to trace and contain the virus now, and to prepare for the roll-out of vaccines once available. Effective testing strategies rely on a portfolio of test types that can be used in different settings and situations.

(2) In a time when social distancing measures and digitalization pose questions regarding the future of work, businesses must find a way to transition and secure long-term sustainability while promoting productive employment and decent work

Learn about the value of frequent screening in the workplace and insights that will give you the power to create a #HealthyRetail community on the next episode of Thought Leadership Series featuring renowned expert Dr. Januario Veloso.

Dr. Veloso is a distinguished pathologist and professor. He currently serves as the Consultant (Medical Specialist IV), National Kidney and Transplant Institute and a Faculty (Clinical Associate Professor), Department of Pathology, and Department of Internal Medicine (Hematology Section) at the University of The Philippines Manila and Associate Pathologist, Department of Laboratory Medicine in Chinese General Hospital Medical Center.

He will shed light on enhancing your workplace experience by engaging and empowering your employees and front liners in Health, Safety and Wellbeing with Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Retailgate Raphael Layosa as the moderator.

Surely, this event by the PRA is ready to strengthen health and employee love to drive remarkable workplace experience, helping retailers and businesses retool their physical retail store role and strategy by adding health and safety in their new business model.

This event is proudly co-presented by Abbott, a global healthcare leader that helps people live more fully at all stages of life, program partner Retailgate Technologies, Inc. and media partner MEGAMOBILE, INC.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking learning session on October 6, 2:00PM via Zoom. For registration details, click this link https://bit.ly/39Oh5qV or email PRA Executive Secretariat at specialprojects@philretailers.com.



(1) See https://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/—asia/—ro-bangkok/—ilo-manila/documents/publication/wcms_762209.pdf

(2) See https://www.who.int/news/item/28-09-2020-global-partnership-to-make-available-120-million-affordable-quality-covid-19-rapid-tests-for-low–and-middle-income-countries