A “Royalty’s” mission to serve the underserved – Let’s Talk Retail Episode 16


A lot of us are struggling in finding the purpose of what we do. Oftentimes we question ourselves about our vision and mission, wondering how we should lead our lives — but not this remarkable retailer hailing from the Queen City of the South.

Early on in his career, Prince Retail Group Founder and CEO Robert Go’s vision was clear —- he wanted to serve the underserved. “I don’t like to sit out and wait for customers, I go to Mindanao and Visayas Islands to visit markets and sell consignments. I will always be on the road; going from town to town to serve the people there. And because of my UP (University of the Philippines) background and because we love the countryside, that became our motto, serve the underserved in a small town” Go said.

And to continue the legacy and vision of his father, Rhea Go-Lao, Go’s first born and COO of Prince Retail Group, went full time to work in their growing business right after her college graduation.

Rhea saw how hard her parents worked day and night to manage and eventually grow their business and so she started to get involved at such a young age. “My summer vacations, Christmas breaks and all the out of school breaks were spent at the store”, Rhea reminisced.

Find out how this father and daughter tandem grew Prince Retail Group as they share its humble beginnings, hurdles they encountered and the new strategies and innovations that they put in place to make their business 30 years strong and more.

Catch their motivational and inspiring episode on Let’s Talk Retail’s 16th episode which premieres on Monday, June 28.

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