A Paradigm Shift In Retail Consumer Behavior


(Source: timetrade  )

TimeTrade recently conducted a survey of 1,029 consumers regarding their perceptions and habits around retail shopping.

Results indicate that 85% of consumers go into the store to “touch and feel things” and 71% prefer to shop in Amazon’s physical store versus Amazon.com

These statistics show that retail is seeing a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. Consumers are doing their shopping or discovery online, then going into the store for final purchase decisions.

Traditional e-retailers are well aware of this trend as they are now opening their own retail shops. E-tailers who are known for their online dominance, such as Amazon and Warby Parker, are opening physical stores, starting in key markets.

The primary reason these online giants are vertically integrating stores to the physical realm is because
they understand that the personalized part of shopping (especially for highly personalized goods such as glasses) is very important to consumers and the in-store experience allows for such an opportunity.