A free consultation with the “Retail Doctor” on Let’s Talk Retail’s newest episode


In medicine, our health workers’ priority is helping the unwell by providing an accurate diagnosis and prescribing the best treatment they can give. But in retail, do you think it is possible to provide a precise diagnosis and prescribe the proper treatment to overcome a bump or a crisis in business?

Believe it or not, diagnosing a problem in retail and prescribing the right course of treatment is a no brainer to Bob Phibbs – an internationally recognized business strategist, customer service expert, sales coach, marketing mentor, author of three books and motivational business speaker but popularly known as “The Retail Doctor”.

He is the go-to “doctor” of retail companies around the globe and has helped numerous brands through his straightforward business advice and training.

In our exclusive interview with Bob for the latest episode of Let’s Talk Retail, he shares how companies should best handle difficulties in their businesses, significant changes in the customer shopping experience, the vital role of employees working behind the scenes and how it contributes to achieving a meaningful customer experience.

“If you value and you train and you appreciate your employees, and you reward them for doing their (best) job, and holding them accountable for that, then you’ll be successful” Phibbs said.

“I’ve worked with too many retailers, and the success on the other side is really aligned with how do I end up making my crew feel rewarded, trained, ready for battle, and held accountable. And then what are the holes in my competitors? Who are doing any of those things? And how do I do that better? I think that’s still the secret towards retail success.”

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