4 Ways to Rise from the Pandemic in 2022


By: Mediablast Digital Corporation

Business disruption in business around the world is still happening due to the pandemic. Rebuilding and business remodeling is the current norm.

But perhaps, the foremost thing to do is to make preparations that center on pandemic recovery in 2022, especially after nationwide vaccinations point towards a prayer for herd immunity. Here’s what to do.

#1 Reset your team’s expectations.

You can’t anticipate pre-pandemic performance in the current business climate. Overworking your employees will lead to burnout, which will compound your problems. Instead, urge your staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance in order to boost overall productivity. When Guardian CEO Deanna Mulligan realized her team was working too hard during the pandemic, she ordered no-work evenings and required employees to take vacation days.

Homer Nievera, the founder of Negosentro.com and the Chairman of Mediablast Digital, stated his 30+ digital magazines, which span 188 countries, were able to adapt to the pandemic and lockdowns. Since July 2019, his SEO staff from Top Rank SEO Philippines has begun working remotely. As a result, when the pandemic struck, their business surged by 100 percent, despite the fact that they were well-entrenched in their profession.

#2 Make sales and money matters a top priority.

It’s crucial to look after your employees, but it’s also critical to focus on your company’s financial line. After all, a business isn’t a business until it generates sales and money.

According to Jeff Winters, founder and CEO of Sapper Consulting, you have to demonstrate your value sooner rather than later and to handle all points of contact as if they were the final buyer. He claims that, all of their transactions are being scrutinized more closely by financial decision-makers.

Sellers should consider that everyone has the potential to be a champion, or someone who will share their information within.

There are no immediate ultimate decision makers. Start delegating responsibility to teams and committees to ensure that their judgments are well-considered.

#3 Redirect your attention.

Determine which emphasis would be most beneficial to your company. Is it necessary to reduce the cost of goods sold? Then put a stop to any excessive spending. Is your business losing money? Increase the amount of marketing you do. Is your customer retention low? Reconsider the buyer personas you’ve created. To ensure your company’s survival and success, you must devote time to your most pressing issues.

Don’t be hesitant to schedule time for higher-level thinking and avoid back-to-back videoconferences. Redirect your focus to what matters most.

#4 Be gracious to yourself and your coworkers.

The pandemic issue has had a significant impact on our lives and the world in which we live. As a leader, you should recognize this and respond to challenging situations with grace and composure. Look for ways to relieve your employees’ difficulties when they’re trying to function while juggling challenging childcare problems, for example. Reach out to your team and let them know you’re available to help. This type of display will go a long way toward assuaging their concerns about the future.

Don’t forget to look after yourself when you’re looking after your team. Self-care is important, as is maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Be hopeful for 2022 and take these four measures to be proactive in your response to the pandemic. See you at the top!


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