3 Ways Location-Based Marketing is Shaping Retail in 2016


(Source: Retail in Asia | 8 March 2016)

Retailers, welcome to 2016. Mobile is all around us and digital technologies are changing faster than most brands can keep up with. Agility is the key to success, but exactly how can retailers remain up to speed with consumers today? Enter location-based marketing.

Location-based marketing is not a new tactic, of course. But with mobile driving marketing budgets and plans in 2016, location-based strategies open the door for huge new opportunities this year, especially when done right. However, retailers remain hesitant as they figure out the right way to approach geomarketing; if it’s done wrong, your customers will surely not love you.

Consumers want personalization; they want a frictionless journey as they move between channels and devices; and they want experiences that improve and enhance their day-to-day lives. Mobile is now the extension of a retailer’s storefront, and tactics using location allow brands to send tailored, personalized messages to the consumer.

— Forbes


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