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Google Plans To Open Flagship Retail Store In Chicago To Showcase Its Hardware Products


(Source: Hot Hardware | August 16, 2018) Apple has hardware stores all across the country. So does Microsoft, to a lesser extent. What about Google? The sultan of search does not have a huge brick-and-mortar presence—it has some pop-up stores here and there, and retail locations inside other stores, but it does not have a flagship location of its own. ...

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Is the Retail Sector at a Crossroads?

07-14 The demise of brick-and-mortar retail has been greatly exaggerated featured

(Source: Commercial Retail Executive | March 21, 2018) According to a new Deloitte report, much of the sector is strong and growing, with both high-end and price-conscious retailers seeing revenue gains over the past five years. A new study by Deloitte, “The Great Retail Bifurcation: Why the Retail ‘Apocalypse’ is Really a Renaissance,” disputes the popular theme that retail is ...

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Brick-and-Mortar spaces stay relevant in PH retail


(Source: Sunstar | March 26, 2018) There remains a healthy play of traditional and online stores in the Philippines today, amid reports that brick-and-mortar outlets are on the way out in other countries. Joey Roi Bondoc, research manager at Colliers International Philippines (Colliers Philippines), said brick-and-mortar stores can still coexist with online retail in the Philippines, as malls are the ...

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Shoppers would rather deal with technology than humans


(Source:NY Post/Reuters | March 19, 2018) Most buyers prefer to be left alone as they shop in store for items like apparel and prefer to use in-store technology for customer service over personalized attention from store employees, according to a new study. The findings are based on a shopper survey conducted by HRC Retail Advisory and highlights the challenges retail ...

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Nordstrom acquires two retail technology companies


(Source: Business Insider | March 12, 2018) Nordstrom has acquired two separate companies, BevyUp and MessageYes, in an effort to further improve its shopping experience with new technologies and tools, according to a press release. BevyUp’s platform will enable store associates to communicate with customers when they’re out of the store. Style Boards, a BevyUp feature, lets store associates offer ...

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E-commerce not the only cause of death for Canadian malls

(Photo from: www.cp24.com)

(Source: Philippine Canadian Inquirer | March 12, 2018) Malls were once a go-to shopping destination and a teenager’s hang-out of choice, but now face an uncertain future as some of their biggest tenants lay off employees, file for creditor protection or hang a “closed” sign in the window and leave for good. Beleaguered retailers have been quick to blame online ...

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Will your store credit card survive ‘retail apocalypse’?

Smiling Business Woman Holding A Credit Card And Speaking Mobile Phone

(Source: wbir.com | November 12, 2017) Stroll your local mall and you may spot some empty storefronts where mannequins once stood draped in the latest fashions — possible casualties of what some have dubbed the “retail apocalypse.” Not everyone agrees it’s all doom and gloom for brick-and-mortar stores, but challenges certainly exist. Major retailers have announced plans to close thousands ...

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Alibaba one-ups Amazon by building a mall for retailers


(Source: Retail Customer Experience | October 9, 2017) While Amazon will tear down a mall to build a distribution center, Alibaba is actually building a new mall for retailers. Clearly, the transformation of retail is much more than Amazon, and more than the shift from stores to online. Alibaba’s construction of a retail mall is clear sign that future “retail” ...

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‘New wave’ retail is starting to crest


(Source: Retail Customer Experience | October 10, 2017 Once upon a time, an upstart retailer arrived on the scene, delivering just about anything a family could possibly desire, straight to their door — before going on to reinvent and dominate the retail landscape in this country in a way never before seen. That company, as everyone surely knows, was of ...

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Filipino Billionaire Gets a Taste for E-Commerce as Alibaba Looms


(Source: Bloomberg | September 27, 2017) Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc., one of three giants that dominate retail in the Philippines, has begun moving more of its $2.7 billion empire online. The company plans to triple the number of supermarkets that ship web orders by 2018, said Robina Gokongwei-Pe, the tycoon John Gokongwei’s daughter and company president. Other parts of the ...

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