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Retail Master Class V: Reinventing your RETAIL LEADERSHIP APPROACHES & TECHNIQUES with the Imminent Digital Proliferation and Transformations in Philippine Retail

April 25 @ 9:00 am - April 26 @ 6:00 pm

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Retail Master Class


Reinventing your RETAIL LEADERSHIP APPROACHES & TECHNIQUES with the Imminent Digital Proliferation and Transformations in Philippine Retail

DATE: April 25-26, 2018

TIME: 9:00AM-6:00PM

VENUE: 5th Floor Nostalg 1 & 2 Joy-Nostalg Hotel & Suites Manila Ortigas Center, Pasig City


Retail Master Class V – Reinventing your RETAIL LEADERSHIP APPROACHES & TECHNIQUES


Times have dramatically changed, things and people have evolved significantly, technological innovations and digital transformations are steadfastly proliferating in all sectors, in all industries, but most particularly in Retail Industry – where we belong.

It is in this age of many disruptions in business operations, rapid changes in trends and ways of doing this; fast changing fashions, technologies, and trends including customer buying habits and behaviors – it is in this period that Business Leaders should be kept informed and updated, while not getting overwhelmed; that Business Leaders should be able to decipher what is relevant and what is not, what is needed and what is wanted; and should be able to apply and practice the most appropriate and most opportune LEADERSHIP STYLE.

This special master class offered by PRA, together with its Rockstar Retail Trainer & Resource Speaker – Francis Dela Cruz, covers all retail updates only in the Philippines but in the whole Asia, and delineates the profile of a Rockstar Retail Leader that is called for especially in these modern times.


– That for Retail Operators like us, it is beneficial and value-adding to be updated of ongoing retail trends and emerging technology trends in the country and in Asia, if not the whole world.
– That we should not be overwhelmed with technologies, instead, we respond to changes relevantly and we adhere to basics and essentials that is our core.
– That there’s one approach to leadership that’s know as “command and control” (which usually involves intimidation and force). The other is more about using influence to win support and spark collaborative action – and the latter makes a difference for a new age Rockstar Leader.
– The most Filipino Retail Managers and Leaders nowadays who are more restricted to day-to-day retail operations and more confined in the stores and work areas, should appreciate the value of attending PRA Retail Master Classes for updates, and for further learning and development.
– That amid all these changes, innovations and transformations happening in our industry, there is no denying that Retail is just becoming more vibrant, more diverse, more colorful, and more exciting— so, welcome aboard!


– Animated and interactive discussions and open sharing of leadership experiences
– Workshops and quick presentations
– Storytelling
– Experiential approach to effective learning


(APRIL 25, 2018)

Morning – Module 1: Retail Updates & Trends in Asia

Retail UPDATES Asia and their Relevance to Us
1. Asian Consumers
– Rapid Urbanization
– Median Age by 2020 is 35 y/o
– Single household will grow the fastest
– Emerging markets (i.e. China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia) will have strong income growth)

2. China & India
– 60% of Asia Pacific retail sales growth will come from China & India in the next 5 years
– Fastest growing retail channel is Digital Commerce (Alibaba)

3. Modernization of Grocery
– Modern Grocery (digitalized): supermarkets and hypermarkets appeal to younger shoppers
– Traditional Grocery (relationships): convenience stores bring modernity to traditional shopping

4. Fashion Transformation
– Digital commerce is the fastest growing channel in Fashion Retail
– “Fast Fashion” outspaces the growth of Apparel Specialists
– A big rise in Sportswear, Sports Goods Stores

5. Rise of Digital Commerce
– In-store Sales Growth is 9%
– E-Commerce sales growth is 80%
– M-Commerce sales growth is 103%
– Development of Digital Commerce by Country

Retail TRENDS Asia and their Relevance to Us
1. Convenience will rule
2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing trend
3. Voice technologies
4. Personalization
5. Experiential shopping

WORKSHOP: Choose 2 Retail Updates and 2 Retail Trends that are MOST RELEVANT and MOST VALUE-ADDING to your retail operations at this time, and give your action plan on how to go about it.


Afternoon – Module 2: Disruptive Retail Technologies: How relevant? How impactful to us?

– Automation, digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI), voice activated search, robots (alexa), fulfillment centers, chatbots, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) – can increase shopper’s convenience, gamify the retail environment, drive customer engagement and enhance customer satisfaction. (Retail becoming more vibrant and diverse)

– We should not be overwhelmed with TECHNOLOGY
*TECHNOLOGY should not be a “forced experience” in our stores

– It is good to be UPDATED and EDUCATED on TECHNOLOGY
*But technology is not the “it all and be all” of CUSTOMER SHOPPING EXPERIENCE
*CUSTOMERS nowadays are all about CONVENIENCE, but they also WANT TO SHOP

– As 7-11 says “Respond to Changes, Adhere to Basics”

– Let’s get back to BASICS and ESSENTIALS OF MAKING THE CUSTOMERS HAPPY (experiential and emotional), because:
*Happy customers buy more
*Happy customers eat more
*Happy customers stay more
*Happy customers recommend
*Happy customers return

– Quick Review and Update of
*The “Holy Trinity of Retail” 0 (1) Operations, (2) Merchandising, and (3) Marketing
*Excellence and Fun in your 3 P’s – (1) Product, (2) Place, and (3) People


(APRIL 26, 2018)


Morning – Module 3: Are we the new age “Rockstar Retail Leader”???

– The Must-have Rockstar Retail Leader personality traits: A “cool” personality is a “W.E.L.C.O.M.E.” personality to all
W – elcoming
E – nergetic
L – ove for customer
C – heerful with good sense of humor (laugh and let laugh)
O – pen minded
M – odern and smart
E – mpathetic (popular buzzword of the season – “empathy”)

WORKSHOP: Self assessment workshop to determine how “cool” your current personality is – to pass a new age Rockstar Retail Leader, and to determine which weak personality traits need to be strengthened.


Afternoon – Module 4: A Rockstar Leader is an “INFLUENCER-Leader”

– There’s one approach to leadership that’s known as “command and control” (which usually involves intimidation and force). The other is more about using influence to win support and spark collaborative action – and the latter makes a difference for a new age Rockstar Leader.
I – ntegrity with people
N – urture with people
F – aith in people
L – istens to people
U – nderstands people
E – nlarges people
N – avigates for other people
C – onnects with people
E – mpowers people
R – eproduces other influences

WORKSHOP: Self assessment workshop to determine how “INFLUENTIAL” your leadership traits are – to pass a new age Rockstar Retail Leader, and to determine which weak leadership traits need to be strengthened.


– Achieving “mass appeal” in the millennial generation
*Mass appeal – not only “job fit”, but more importantly “culture fit”
*Good interpersonal relationship (“mahusay makisama”) drives likers, followers and influence
*Good self confidence (integrity + product knowledge + experience) rocks!
*The “look” (personal brand) matters first
a. Smart dressing is the new power dressing
b. Business casual is the new business attire
c. Smart casual is a cool alternative to business casual
d. Infusing personal brand in our dress code (uniform) makes one fits in, at the same time stands out. How??
e. Impact (poise & posture; credibility) – The New Version of You, the Rockstar Leader you!





*Retail Store Operations (Food & Non-Food): Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Area Manager, Operations Manager, Operations Executive.
*Retail Support Group: Managers, Senior Managers and Executives (HR, Accounting, Warehouse Merchandising, Customer Service, Marketing, Learning & Development)
*Mall Administration: Managers and Senior Managers
*F & B (Food & Beverage) and Entertainment: Managers and Senior Manager




Francisco T. Dela Cruz, Jr.

Independent Trainer, Resource Speaker and Consultant (National & International)

Our Resource Speaker & Trainer is a certified Leader by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) in London, and a certified Guest Experience and Customer Experience Champion.
He has thirty-five (35) years of working experience in various companies of different industries, seventeen (17) years of which were spent abroad, particularly in the Middle East Region.
Customer Experience Champion: His extensive Retail experiences were gained from his employment as Branch Manager of many SM Stores in different locations in the Philippines; and as a Country Retail Training Manager of Al-Shaya Retail Group in the Middle East, operating in 19 countries having more than 2,500 stores with 110 nationalities. Francis is a regular and the favorite Trainer-Resource Speaker of Philippine Retailers Association (PRA).
Guest Experience Champion: He was the Training Manager of Sheraton Kuwait, a 5-star Luxury Collection Hotel in Kuwait City; and currently a regular and active hospitality Trainer for The Manor Hotel Camp John Hay, The Forest Lodge, CAP Convention Center, Escala Tagaytay Hotel, The Avenue Plaza Hotel, The Pillows Hotel, and other DOT-accredited hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Francis is an accredited and highly demanded tourism and hospitality trainer of the Department of Tourism.
Today, Francis is known as the most sought-after Independent Trainer-Facilitator-Consultant in the Philippines, in the fields of Leadership Development, Retail Operations, Hospitality Management, Guest & Customer Experience, Human Resources, Organization & People Development, as well as Modern Management — available to service all interested clients, local and international.





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April 25 @ 9:00 am
April 26 @ 6:00 pm
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